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A.E. Järvinen – portrayer of the beauty of wilderness


The wilderness of Lapland has inspired many authors. One of them was A.E. Järvinen who was a forester, author and artist in Rovaniemi. Järvinen, who was born in Helsinki, became fascinated with nature early on in his life. He graduated as a forester in 1915 and sought permanent employment in Lapland. His field of work was extensive. It was the task of Järvinen to survey all state forests in Lapland. At the time, the job involved months of hiking on foot in wilderness and punting along streams. Järvinen, who had written short stories and poems already in his youth, was tremendously inspired by his travels, gaining an abundance of material for his literary works. His rich style and accurate descriptions of nature are undoubtedly a direct result from the author being so deeply affected by the beauty of the wilderness he had witnessed. Järvinen is considered as one of the most brilliant portrayers of Lappish nature and wilderness.

Järvinen’s favourite spots in Lapland included Naarmankaira, which is located in the current Rovajärvi Military Firing Range. He was especially impressed by the ancient pines surrounding the Marasenlampi Pond. He built a cottage by the pond where he spent time writing, painting and entertaining friends. Järvisen aihkikko conservation area was established in the area in 1955. It is protected against any forestry measures.

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