Breeding birds of Rovaniemi mapped


The Rovaniemi Urban Bird Atlas Project coordinated by the Environmental Impact Assessments Services of the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland ended in August 2012. The main result of the project, Rovaniemi Breeding Bird Atlas is now available for use by bird and nature enthusiasts, environmental authorities and the education sector.

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  • Harjulampi bird-watching tower

    Arrival instructions: Drive from the Church of Rovaniemi along Yliopistonkatu Street towards Rantavitikka. The first pond on the right is Kirkkolampi and the second pond on the right is Harjulampi. The bird-watching tower is situated at the junction of Yliopistonkatu and Korvanranta and signposts lead from the junction to the tower. You can park your car, for example, in the yard of the nearby Rantavitikka School...
  • Koivusaari bird-watching tower

    Arrival instructions: The floating bird-watching tower of Koivusaari can be accessed either by boat or via a nature trail. Main road 4 (E75) passes at Rovaniemi through Koivusaari Island which is located at the confluence of rivers Ounasjoki and Kemijoki. On the Saarenkylä side, immediately on the western side of main road 4 is located the Ounaspaviljonki recreational area and marina. The Koivusaari nature trail begins at edge of the marina, near main road 4...
  • Vianaapa bird-watching tower

    Arrival instructions: Vaattunki is located in the Arctic Circle hiking area, on the east side of Rovaniemi–Sodankylä road. At approx. 20 km from Rovaniemi to north, turn right in accordance with the signposts and drive on a dirt road for 2 km to the Vaattunkiköngäs hiking trail gate. The distance from the trail gate to the Vianaapa bird-watching tower is approx...