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Rovaniemi ski track service

The Rovaniemi ski track service provides condition and maintenance data (e.g. when the ski tracks were last maintained or their condition checked) on the ski tracks as well as their style, length and lighting.

The online service is called mSki and indicates reliably and quickly the condition and destination information of the trails to cross-country skiers before they set off. The service also includes useful information about the difficulty level of the tracks and ski huts and campfire sites along them.

Information is updated to the mSki ski track service after a ski track section has been maintained. The maintenance times of the tracks are shown in the ski track service with colour symbols. The ski track list shows which track was last maintained together with its condition. Also the track length, skiing style and lighting information is provided for users. In addition, the service shows the ski track profiles, weather forecast and waxing instructions based on the weather. Source:

Rovaniemi ski track service is available at