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Harjulampi Accessible Trail

  • The view of Harjulampi from the trail. Photo: AT

    The view of Harjulampi from the trail. Photo: AT

Harjulampi Accessible Trail

The Harjulampi Accessible Trail starts 1.5 km south of the Rovaniemi city centre, in Rantavitikka. The trail passes through the shoreline scenery of Harjulampi, a beautiful pond with a rich variety of birds. During the years 1967-1998, 85 bird species have been spotted there. 32 of them nest permanently. The trail is popular among bird watchers and families with children, and accessible from the road all the way to the bird-watching tower. It is in use when the ground is free from snow. The length one way is 72 m. The route passes through heavy, atmospheric shoreline forests and has a view to Harjulampi.

At the end of the accessible trail, there is a sturdy bird-watching tower with several observation levels. The tower has a great view over the entire Harjulampi area, an excellent place for bird watching all summer.

Directions: Drive 1.1 km along Yliopistonkatu from the Rovaniemi church toward Rantavitikka. The tower stands on the right side of the intersection of Yliopistonkatu and Korvanranta, and there are signs that lead to the tower from the intersection. If necessary, you can park in the yard of the nearby Rantavitikka school.


  • Length: 0.07 km
  • Time: 1 h
  • Viewed: 11983
  • Latitude: 66.486445038963
  • Longitude: 25.7222555604271

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