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Kärri Upi - Raivaten ja rakentaen (1990)

  • Kärri Upi - Clear and Rice (1990). Photo: A. Torvinen

    Kärri Upi - Clear and Rice (1990). Photo: A. Torvinen

Kärri Upi - Raivaten ja rakentaen (1990)

The status Raivaten ja rakentaen by Kemijärvi-born Urpo Kärri is situated in Uitonpuisto, at the western end of the Ounaskoski bridge. The theme of the sculpture is the work of army engineers in the war and the rebuilding of Lapland. The statue is made of slate, stainless steel and mirror glass.


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  • Latitude: 66.495935051401
  • Longitude: 25.7318417305697

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